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AI Curious, Web3.0 Enthusiast.

My Projects


Powered by ChatGPT4, MindGuesser tries to guess what you are thinking from your text prompts and answering the questions asked of you

Full Stack Development

Curious Axolotl

Curious Axolotl is a collection of NFTs - unique digital collectibles, crawling along the seafloor of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ethereum + Full Stack Development + Solidity + Python


Co-Founder and original Architect for 45Chaos.com. What started as a simple website in partnership with Adrienne to catalog every mooch in the current US Presidency. Has turned into a large archival endeavour, now encompassing a three man development team

Full Stack Development

The WheelHaus

Built for Roosterteeth.com Funhaus team. The Wheelhaus utilizes the SteamWebAPI to pull in your Steam Library games and lets you spin the wheel to find a game to play!

Full Stack Development


A Discord bot to chat with, create music and custom art via text prompts! All powered by several versions of StableDiffusion AI Models

Full Stack Development + Discord Development

Battle Royale Drop Generator

Built as both a website and as Discord bot for gamers to find the next spot to drop in some of their favorite Battle Royale games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG.

Full Stack Development + Discord Development


Another Discord Bot?! This bot is built off of several NPM libraries to allow the ability to search and retrieve from Wikipedia, Fandom, Google, IMDB, and many more!

Discord Development

The WheelHaus Discord Bot

A Discord bot that lets you spin the wheel to find a game to play inside Discord!

Discord Development

Bob Ross Paints

Randomly paints a picture from a Bob Ross painting on your Stream Deck

Official Elgato Stream Deck Plugin

Cookie Clicker Elgato StreamDeck

Tap the CookieClicker icon and gain cookies. The more cookies you gain the bigger your fame and title will become on Elgato StreamDeck!

Official Elgato Stream Deck Plugin

DogeCoin Ticker Elgato StreamDeck

View your DogeCoin price on Elgato StreamDeck

Unofficial Elgato Stream Deck Plugin

TeslaFi Elgato StreamDeck

View your Tesla Data using TeslaFi API on Elgato StreamDeck

Official Elgato Stream Deck Plugin

Starcitizen Server Status Elgato StreamDeck

View the Server Status for StarCitizen

Unofficial Elgato Stream Deck Plugin

Magic Mirror - TeslaFi

It monitors a your Tesla Stats, such as Battery Level, Temperature, Lock status and much more!

Full Stack Development + Magic Mirror Development

Apex Legends Twitch Extension

Twitch Extension to let the Streamer choose next character for Apex Legends

Full Stack Development + Twitch Extension Development

UE5 Fly-through with 3D GoogleMaps

A conceptual project where you use realtime 3D Google Maps tiles and Unreal Engine 5

Video Game Development

Asteroids Unreal Engine - Skill-Share

Developed with Unreal Engine 4 and taught on SkillShare

Video Game Development

Endless Ski

Relive the Classic 90s era game Ski Free in an re-imagined fun, fast paced skiing game. Dont forget to avoid the Yeti! Built in Unreal Engine 4

Video Game Development


Reimagined Flappy Bird but in 3D. Developed with Unreal Engine 4

Video Game Development


Director of Web Development


Established myself as a leader, creating short and long-term visions for the organization. Through my leadership, management, and problem-solving skills, Marcom launched a multitude of successful campaigns and brought out the best in my team.

Worked with a rapidly growing cross-functional Marcom team, contributing to the unification of the technology stack and improving data capturing for Martech Science

Scaled and managed the development team to complete an ambitious six-month migration of our existing website to a new software stack

This effort increased our Google Lighthouse ranking (40% to 90%+) and page view count. The team's efforts were recognized at the 2022 WPVIP conference, where we were invited to speak about our work

Advised on the development and scope of numerous campaign-driven websites, including the Nielsen Annual Marketing Report Helped develop the 2022 report, the first to support a multi-lingual, A la carte experience

Principal Architect | 2018-2021. I was responsible for drafting and executing the strategy to separate the company's mobile apps, corporate websites, and AWS stacks following the company split. I successfully led a team of developers to build a corporate website using the latest libraries and frameworks, delivering it in record time.

I have a strong track record of hiring and building talented development teams, and have overseen several successful migrations, including the migration of Nielsen.com from an aging CMS to the industry-standard CMS, WordPress. I utilized the latest technologies and was instrumental in the adoption of the Gutenberg Block Editor as a new page-building framework for WordPress.

In addition to my role as a Principal Architect, I have also expanded my expertise to become a Technical Architect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and an AWS Architect for Marketing Technology. My strong leadership, technical skills, and ability to stay current with the latest technologies have been key to my success in these roles.

Principal Software Developer | 2016 - 2018. I played a key role in the development and design of several public and internal products. My expertise in DevOps allowed me to create AWS stacks to support the launch of careers.nielsen.com, and I also contributed to the implementation of standards for mobile applications throughout the company.

In addition to my technical responsibilities, I also served as the licensee and distributor for all Apple, Amazon, and Android applications. My strong skills and expertise in software development and DevOps were instrumental in driving the success of these projects.

Senior Software Developer | 2013 - 2016. I was responsible for building and developing a variety of web applications, external websites, and campaigns. I took the initiative to audit the company's older technology stacks and created guidelines for using newer technologies that adhered to best practices. I also stood up AWS server environments and architected web-based scaling solutions for demanding use cases.

In addition to these responsibilities, I also built, designed, and maintained Nielsen's flagship mobile apps. My strong skills in software development and ability to stay current with the latest technologies were key to my success in this role.

In 2012 I was hired at Nielsen as a Software Developer, where I quickly made an impact by conceiving, managing, and building internal web applications that have become a key part of Nielsen's workflow. I also created external, public-facing websites and campaigns for the company. My strong skills in software development and project management were instrumental in the success of these projects.

2012 - Present

Flash Developer and Designer


I designed and developed interactive Flash-based training games for voting districts in the United States. I also designed and built websites for county election offices across the country. In addition, I created 3D interactive models of voting machines and produced motion graphics and video for online training and on-site filming.

March 2010 - December 2011


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Business Strategy


Architecting on AWS


ITIL Foundation


Bachelor of Fine Arts

2006 - 2010

My Awards & Certifications